PublicBuddy™ is a secured cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for mobile field data collection and its information analytics.

PublicBuddy™ solution can be used in many industries as its information can be dynamically configured as per the industry's user applications.

Field mobile users can capture any activity data through PublicBuddy™ Mobile App encompassing multiple pictures, video clips, audio notes, digital forms, GPS Location, and date-time information. All captured information can be immediately accessed by authorized personnel through the web-based Map Viewer application in real-time.

Introductory Video

The PublicBuddy™ solution does not require any third-party software license and it has the following technology components:
    1) Mobile App for iOS and Android Operating Platforms
    2) Web-based Administration Dashboard
    3) Web-based Map Viewer

PublicBuddy™ provides a real-time reporting solution for yielding analytical and geospatial intelligence to make informed decisions. PublicBuddy™ lets its users better manage their time and resources without the overwhelming risk of a human error. Organizations can reduce their resources and collect content-rich data from various sources which will increase their capacity significantly. It is an innovative smart solution for error prevention that brings ease of use with 24/7 usability.

Solution Components

Mobile App

Native Mobile App allows mobile field users to record and view any event or incident's information along with pictures, video, audio, geo-location, date-time and relevant data.

It allows users to either save information on smart devices or submit details in real-time, which can be accessed either in list-view or map-view formats within the mobile app.


Dashboard allows authorized personnel to administer and dynamically configure the information which will show up in Mobile App accordingly. It brings greater efficiency since the administrator can change the values of multiple drop-downs to be reflected in the mobile app.

Dashboard allows administrators to create new entities, categories, sub-categories, and users for PublicBuddy™ as well as assign their user s access level privileges

Authorized users can perform custom searches on all event information as per user's access privilege. Furthermore, this queried data can be exported in CSV and XLSX formats.

Map Viewer

Map Viewer allows real-time access to captured data in map format by mobile field users as per individual’s security access privilege.

It encompasses various productivity tools and spatial widgets, including:
Zoom, Pan, Default Extent
Draw and Measure
Attribute and Spatial Query
Export Searched Data
View Event's Data
     Report ID and Date-Time
     Latitude, Longitude
     Reverse Geocoded Address
     Entity Information
     Category Information
     Remarks and Digital Form Data
     Pictures, Video, Audio

  • Snap Pictures

  • Record Video Clips

  • Record Audio Notes

  • GPS Location

Potential Use-Cases

In today's fast-changing world, current and accurate information is more important than ever. Organizations now require reliable field data collection with context-sensitive information for various reasons.

Unfortunately, most of the field personnel today use paper forms or camera devices to collect relevant information. The data then has to be sent off to get tagged, catalogued and compiled before it can be useful. This process is usually very time consuming, but the real issue is linking the complied data to the correct meta-data. Since the data often has to move through several people, human error is a real possibility. Even one error means committing valuable time and resources for correction rather than having those resources focused on higher priority issues.

Organizations ranging from commercial to government sectors perform mobile field data collection which could involve situations such as assessing the health of bridges, finding fallen power lines, recording fire arson cases, locating potholes on streets, performing environmental data assessment, inspecting food storage areas, reading electrical meters, finding graffiti on buildings, knowing road accident conditions, inspecting animal live stocks, surveying pharmacies or recording media-news, etc.

The PublicBuddy™ solution improves enterprise mobile field data collection and its information management, encompassing analytics and spatial presentation. Key stakeholders can make informed decisions based on real-time assessments with ease of use and 24/7 usability.

How to use PublicBuddy™

  1. The PublicBuddy™ Mobile App can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes Store or Google’s Play Store onto smart-phones and tablets.

  2. Mobile users will get their sign-in or registration credentials to use the PublicBuddy™ app from their respective organization.

  3. Mobile users can save or submit any event or incident data along with multiple pictures, video clips, audio recordings, GPS location, remarks and other relevant information.

  4. Mobile users can review their respective information in map-view and list-view in the mobile app. Mobile users can also find the map-location and date-time information for each occurrence along with any corresponding pictures, video, audio, remarks, etc.

  5. Submitted information instantly becomes available to authorized personnel in the organization, which can be used to make informed decisions in real-time or later as needed.

  6. The PublicBuddy™ solution offers the option of multiple user types and customized user privileges.

  7. All users can access the PublicBuddy™ solution components: Mobile App, Web-based Dashboard, and Web-based Map Viewer. However, users will see different features and limited access as per their user privilege type.

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Superior Information Technologies is a Michigan based company that provides GIS and IT solutions, as well as services to federal, municipal and commercial clients. Our team is passionate about blending geo-location technologies with information services to produce distinct solution offerings.

PublicBuddy™ brings a unique set of features and capabilities to the market place that greatly improves the efficiency and productivity of organizational resources and business process work-flows. We believe it is our responsibility to bring technology to the door-steps of business leaders and evolve our solutions to meet the business needs of the markets that we serve.

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